Ecommerce Professional Website Design


Ecommerce Professional Website Design


We design E-Commerce sites that are beautiful, functional, and easy to use. The keys to a good e-commerce site are product placement, details, and easy checkout flow. Our layouts are friendly, polished, and eye-catching. The E-Commerce plus package is SEO Optimized to include schema and SEO tag information to aid with your ranking on Google and other search engines. The plus package focuses on streamlining sales to your customers. With our eCommerce websites, we’ve made it simple for them by including everything from product images (including zoom functionality) and descriptions on each page; multiple payment options; secure transactions; shipping calculator; inventory management system with reordering notifications; wish lists; customer reviews & ratings…and more! All this means higher conversion rates which equal more sales for your business! We make it easier to drive traffic to your website.  Your customers will be able to easily find what they want on your site with our clean designs that make it easy to navigate through your products or services. With just one click of a button, they can purchase their desired item in an instant! Purchase your Ecommerce Plus Website Design now and get started today on creating an amazing E-Commerce store!

The customer is responsible for providing photos, product photos, short and long descriptions, pricing, categories, and any other relevant product/business information. 

Standard( 1 yr of hosting, Web Security, Privacy Page, Google Analytics, social media icons)

Additional information


5-10 premium stock images/ videos, Free Loyalty program, 1-3 custom forms/plugins (custom ordering forms, gamify,
Newsletter subscription), Woocommerce cart payment ( integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and QuickBooks & More), Individual product pages with breakdowns and galleries, Search Bar, Coupon codes for website launch, 1 backend video on how to access, retrieve, and manage orders, Up to 2 professional email addresses, 1 Product Bundle, Custom animations and icons, Up to 40 products, Facebook Pixel


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