Business Consulting

Piecing together your strategy for success

Ready to make a change?

We don’t believe in teaching owners what they already know through expertise and experience. Our strategy is to combine our client’s expertise in their field with our knowledge to build long term thriving and profitable businesses. We strive to be an extension of your team ready to tackle challenges and create/prepare you for growth.

Challenges Small Business Owners Face

The Weight Of The Entire Businesses Sits On Your Shoulders

Tired of working harder rather than smarter

Had a taste of success but desiring a meal

You want to educate yourself but don't know what resources are reliable

Don't have enough rersources to get it all done

Risk are growing fast than the rewards

Bogged down in day to day activities

Believes the business should be worth more than its current value

Little to no bandwidth

Sounds Familiar?

Give us a call for a Free business planning session. No costs or obligations.

How do you know the right time and reason to hire a Consultant?

There is no broad stroke answer to this question as each business is different. However, I can tell you the commonalities between our customers. The business owners and professionals we work with are ready to take their business to the next level. That level can mean expansion, different revenue bracket, or an exit strategy for themselves. Most of our customers are first to second generational business owners. So while they product or services are premium they are seeking industry leaders in business and marketing to maximize the potential and profit of their business. That is where we step in, and use our expertise to map their goals and execute strategies to meet it. We are not only using proven diagnosis processes and recommending solutions but executing them all under one roof no need for multiple agencies.

Business in A Box

Everything you need to start your business from paper to business plan and logo. At the end you will be ready to open your doors!

Business Certifications

MBE/ 8A/ SBE certifications help propel your business into opportunities for government set-asides and preferred status on contracts.

Power Level Up

Business development services to put your business on the path to grown. We help you plan, structure, secure capital; both human and financial to meet your new goals. 

Business Certifications

We do all the heavy lifting for you to secure the certification status. Our process is simple. You submit all your documentation via our fantastic tool Trello, We work on supporting documents to make your application compliant, after you are approved we help secure your first bid.

This process takes up 60–90 days depending on how fast the customer can produce the compliance documents. . Government agencies like DOT and SBA require no less than 60 days to process. In less than 4 months you can transform your business.