We set out to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow to the next level. What we didn’t anticipate is all the dreams we would be fueling in the process. The long hours and late nights are for the new business owner who now can afford to put money away for their toddler’s college savings.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vison into reality.


Our Mission

We set out to be seen as a go to strategic partner for businesses looking to grow and compete well in their market. Entrepreneurship is the way of the world as people are becoming brands, ideas are worth millions, and technology is leveling the playing field by creating access. The difference in many dreams and hitting a goal is the proper planning, resources, and tools. PWD is committed to helping businesses be operationally sound, create powerful brand identity, and execute at a world class level. Our top notch offerings include consulting, marketing, web/mobile development and sales solutions executed at the highest level. Power your business forward with PWD today, to get the revenue you desire tomorrow.

History of
Powered Business Solutions

We were founded in 2017 by two individuals who were puzzled by a simple question when they walked out a local Miami eatery.  “ Why wasn’t this place on yelp or Google, where has this food been all my life?.” Yes, dramatic but it was a very valid question; had it not been for walking by it smelling the food on empty stomach this place would have remained a mystery. The food was great, but small things stuck out; like their name on the outside was just randomly drawn and their menus much like their staff looked a bit overworked. The food was better than any fast food chain yet it was visible they were struggling to keep the doors open. It was that night that the idea for PWD was born. We set out to help businesses compete in a realistic way with 3 simply ideologies. Technology levels the playing field. Creating websites, apps, and introducing technology to their environments at low cost gives them a competitive edge. Brand identity is translating a business dream into language everyone can understand. Developing and executing marketing /sales plans allows us to power how the world sees your business. Lastly a lean operation is an operation built on sound processes and methodologies. Our business consultants educate our clients on ways to improve their operations and maximize their ROI. With our combined over 15 years of expertise in the field, proven methodologies, and custom tools PWD can power your dreams into reality. 

Our History

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