Powered Business Solutions is an end to end provider of professional services for individuals, businesses, and enterprise level companies.  Our goal is helping businesses go from idea to revenue in a seamless and efficient way. We pride ourselves on understanding our customer’s business goals and how to translate them into a powerful brand experience. Having experienced developers, marketing /sales professionals, and expert business consultants under one roof allows us to support people at every facet of their journey to grow and generate revenue through their business.

Hello I'm Watts
Powered Business Solutions go to guy to get your dreams powered.

Hello I'm Watts
PWD's go to guy to get your dreams powered.

Welcome to Power Web Designz

Not Every Business needs A robust website

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$ 499
  • 5 Standrad Pagess
  • Up to 5 stock photos
  • Contact Form
  • 1 Call to Action


$ 750
  • Up to 10 Stock photos or videos
  • Special effects/animations
  • 1 professional email alias
  • 1-3 forms


$ 799
  • Up to 5 Stock photos or videos
  • Contact Form / Newsletter subscription
  • 1 professional email alias
  • Up to 10 products


$ 999
  • 5-10 premium stock images/ videos
  • Free Loyalty program
  • 1-3 custom forms
  • Up to 40 products

The power rating is when we rate your current website on speed, website design, rank, customer experience, and content to see wher we can add value.

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Know someone that could use our services? Would you like a free website? For every successful referral you will receive $ 20 cash.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Price always equals value with us. Our solution offerings are scalable and customizable to fit your needs chat with us today for estimates. Follow us on social media for exclusive deals and discounts.
  • We make them all, and ensure they are mobile responsive. Tell us your functionality requirements and PWD will deliver?
  • Results are generated several ways, our teams deliver robust reporting so you can clearly see the return on investment. Most of our solutions have a 1:4 ETR guarantee or money back.
  • Loyalty, retail, games, both simple and enterprise. Bring us your idea and designs, and we bring it to life.
  • We have bundled discounts but every service/ product can be added to your project per diem.
  • Whether you are the brand, or in the idea phase come chat with us. PWD will take you from idea to reality. Everything you need from logo to revenue!

We have a 1:4 Marketing Guarantee. For every dollar that you invest in marketing we promise four back within ninety business days of the launch. It keeps us accountable to your success. 

  • No problem. Technology allows us to meet with clients all over the globe. A few clicks from a video conference and we can be powering you forward.
  • Based on the services you require we have several flexible payment options to fit your needs and timeframes.